Pudsey post box removal sparks concerns

The post box on Lowotwn will be removed. Photo: Google

A post box outside a former post office in Lowtown, Pudsey, is set to be removed – despite concerns it leaves the area without an immediate post box.

Leeds Council planning department has received notification that the post box outside the house at 111 Lowtown, Pudsey is being proposed for removal by the Royal Mail at the request of the landowner. There are currently no plans to install a replacement, which has sparked local concerns.

The removal has been taken up by Pudsey councillor Simon Seary (Cons), who said: “I contacted the Royal Mail’s appointed agent (Livemore) to consider relocating it to a location nearby. I’m not happy with the response and will follow up as it leaves a large area at the bottom of Lowtown without a postbox.”

In a letter to Cllr Seary, Royal Mail’s senior public affairs manager Michael Hogg said: “I have consulted with the manager responsible for the LS28 postcode area. They confirmed that the postbox was removed at the request of the property owner. We are legally obliged to remove or seal postboxes on private property upon request from the landowner. I want to reassure you that Royal Mail did not want to remove the postbox from service.

“Our regulator, Ofcom, requires Royal Mail to ensure that 98 per cent of all households across the UK should be within half a mile of a postbox. I have been advised there are six postboxes within half a mile of Lowtown. The closest postbox is located on The Lanes which is approximately 320m away. Having considered all relevant factors, including the number of postboxes in the area, within half a mile, and the balance of economy against service provision, unfortunately we will not be replacing the postbox as requested.”

The response brought a lukewarm response from people on social media, which one commenter saying: “It’s a pity they don’t take the terrain into account as someone has already mentioned. If you live just below where the post box is now then access to the one at The Lanes means negotiating a very steep hill. So not accessible to everyone.”


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