Pudsey Park kiosk reopening welcomed by families

Reopening: Pudsey Park kiosk. Photo: John Baron/westleedsdispatch.com

The proposed reopening of an ice cream kiosk in Pudsey Park has been welcomed by park goers.

Leeds City Council has agreed to reopen the kiosk, which has been closed since 2018 but has been a favourite with Pudsey families since the 1930s.

Cllr Simon Seary (Cons) said on social media: “After working closely with the council’s parks department for many years in trying to continually improve the provision at Pudsey Park, I’m extremely pleased to have been able to convince the council to complete a business case in reopening the kiosk as a council asset.

“The kiosk once opened will be selling drinks and ice creams after the modifications inside have been completed.”

It’s hoped the kiosk will be open to sell ice cream, drinks and other refreshments in the summer.

Cllr Trish Smith (Cons) added: “I chased the Parks Department for an update on the status of the park kiosk as I’m aware no ice cream licence was issued for 2024 – and we can’t have a summer without ice cream!

“This means two things: Our lovely kiosk is being brought back into use. We will have ice cream in the park for the summer!”

The kiosk had, in recent years, been used as storage by volunteers at Pudsey in Bloom.

A spokesperson for Leeds City Council added: “We are pleased to confirm plans to reopen the refreshment kiosk at Pudsey Park.

“Refurbishment and redecoration work will now be carried out at the building to get it ready for business again. A timescale for this work and the reopening has yet to be finalised and residents will be provided with an update in due course.

“We hope the kiosk will be a popular added attraction for people using the park, which is already one of the most-visited in the city.”

The news has been welcomed by park goers on social media.

One said: “Yey!  It’s been a miserable few years walking past the closed kiosk. Well done!”

Another added: “Brilliant news! I could never understand it stood empty for so long when park is always full of thirsty children always in need of an ice cream.”

“Great! I hope the ice cream tastes as good as it did over 60 years ago…” another posted.


  1. Might I suggest that some of the trees that overhang the kiosk at the back be pruned Back as a safety precaution they do look a little doom pending.


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