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Pudsey Pacers run their own virtual London Marathon around town

Pudsey Pacers Running Club have run the Virtual London Marathon by completing several laps around their home town.

This year’s London Marathon was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions, leaving runners with little option but to keep things local.

Pudsey Pacers members and supporters made a great effort to re-create the sites and landmarks of London competitors would typically run past. They ran four six-mile circuits around Pudsey.

Photographer Cathy Martin captured the runners in action around Pudsey:

Early morning London Marathon start at Queens Park in Pudsey.
Friendly face for Pudsey runners.
Pudsey’s version of Big Ben
Celebration at Queens Park.
Runners pass another landmark …
A drinks station in Bramley – the Big Ben of Bramley?
Running past Pudsey’s version of Platform Nine and Three Quarters at Kings Cross…
Pudsey Pacers pound the streets of their home town.
Pudsey’s version of The Shard.

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