Pudsey MP Stuart Andrew – Parliamentary votes and debates 5-9 September 2022

Pudsey MP Stuart Andrew.

Here is a weekly update on how Pudsey MP Stuart Andrew has voted in recent parliamentary sessions and also any debates they’ve taken part in.

As part of the service offered by TheyWorkForYou, we receive daily summaries of voting and debate participation for the MP. These are catalogued and this weekly summary is produced in chronological order.

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Trade (Australia and New Zealand) Bill

6 Sep 2022

Voted aye (division #54; result was 303 aye, 55 no)

Written Answers – Ministry of Justice: Prison Officers: Pay

6 Sep 2022

Stuart Andrew: We are working hard to improve retention of frontline officers at prisons across England and Wales, providing opportunities to progress their careers and significant investment to keep them safe. Together, this will ensure we can recruit vital staff to keep offenders off the streets and protect the public. Market Supplements are an additional (non-pensionable) allowance in place to support…

Written Answers – Ministry of Justice: Prisons: Drugs

7 Sep 2022

Stuart Andrew: In England, the NHS is responsible for commissioning healthcare services in all prisons including integrated substance misuse services. The Ministry of Justice works with NHS England, the Department of Health and Social Care and the Welsh Government, to ensure all prisoners access treatment that meets their needs and to support a meaningful recovery from drug dependency. The Government is…

Written Answers – Ministry of Justice: Prisons: Drugs

7 Sep 2022

Stuart Andrew: We know that drug treatment can help reduce levels of reoffending. For example, an experimental statistical report found an approximate 19 percentage point reduction in the 2-year reoffending rate for those offenders who successfully completed treatment, compared to those who dropped out.[1] It is therefore vital that we engage offenders in drug treatment that supports a meaningful recovery,…

Tributes to Her Late Majesty The Queen

9 Sep 2022

Stuart Andrew: It is with sadness that I offer my tribute to Her late Majesty the Queen on my behalf and that of the people of Pudsey, Horsforth and Aireborough. I suppose that the first time the Queen came into my consciousness was when, as a small boy, I was standing outside the house waiting for some lady in a big posh car to go past as she marked her silver jubilee in 1977. From then on, there were many…


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