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Pudsey launches fundraiser for socially distanced ‘natter bench’

Residents in Pudsey have so far raised more than £1,000 to install a socially distanced ‘natter bench’ to combat loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic.

It follows the introduction of a 2.4-metre bench in Horsforth’s Hall Park. Community reporter and Pudsey community stalwart LISA FARRAR has the latest on the Pudsey initiative…

Following on from a good idea in other local areas to install a natter bench to combat loneliness and isolation.

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Pudsey councillor Mark Harrison contacted the Pudsey Born and Bred group admin on Facebook regarding collecting donations to achieve funds for a natter bench for the Pudsey residents.

The Pudsey community were all on board with the fantastic idea and contributions have been rolling in. We now have a total of £1,003.97.

Councillor Harrison will also include a £500 donation from his allocated MICE money, making the total over £1,500. If anyone else would like to contribute towards the £2,000 total that would be amazing.

Once the bench is installed it will be ideal for any local resident to venture out for a socially distancing stroll and a natter with like-minded locals on the natter bench.

If you would like to donate towards a natter bench for Pudsey, please do so by either using PayPal or call in to Black Mouse cheese and wine on Lowtown or Megabites, who are collecting donations.

Thank you for all your contributions towards a fantastic cause.


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