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Pudsey Greenside School set to expand

Pudsey Greenside Primary School looks set to expand from 315 to 420 pupils in a bid to meet rising demand for school places in the town.

Senior councillors on the council’s decision-making executive board approved proposals to increase the number of pupils from 315 to 420, with an increase in admission numbers from 45 to 60.

The expansion would come into effect from September 2017.

A consultation with parents was held on line and also via a consultation event. There were 36 responses in support of the proposal and 10 responses objecting to it. Concerns revolved around the relatively small size of the school and its grounds and its capacity to cater for extra pupils.

The proposals were supported by the three Pudsey Labour councillors. Councillor Josie Jarosz (Labour, Pudsey) said:

“We want children to be able to go to good local schools, so we have to make sure that the needs in our area are met. Greenside is a great choice for a school expansion, it is a good school that local parents know and many love. My two sons attended the school so I know how good it is.

“The proposed expansion will give local children a really good opportunity to learn and grow in the heart of Pudsey.

“I hope that every effort is taken to make the design work for children and staff.”

Read the executive board report in full:

Pudsey Greenside School expansion


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