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Pudsey: Flats plan proposed near to pub

Plans to build 17 flats near the Golden Lion pub in Pudsey have been submitted by developers.

Everest Venture Enterprises wants a total of 17 flats by converting 34–38 Chapeltown into flats and building two new-build blocks of flats on land to the side of them and behind.

Flats would be mainly one and two-bedrooms, with one three-bedroom flat also proposed.

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There would be parking for 19 cars in a new car park on land behind the current buildings.

Planning agents ID Planning say in a design statement accompanying the application:

“Whilst the development is contained within the historic core of Chapeltown, provided the buildings have a two/three storey scale, matching those of the recent adjoining developments, they will not impact significantly upon the conservation area’s special character or historical significance.”

They say the area is in a sustainable location and that there is sufficient distance proposed between the neighbouring land – including the Golden Lion – to mitigate against any noise concerns.

The access to the pub car park will be moved closer to the Golden Lion building.

The development sits just up from the Golden Lion pub. Photo: Google

The plans can be viewed in full here.

Everest Venture Enterprises Ltd is based at 38 Chapeltown.


  1. I would like to strongly disagree with this proposal to build and congest the centre of Pudsey even more than it already is.I would also like to know who is backing and sanctioning this and other development’s in Pudsey whilst those in Calverly are being opposed.


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