Pudsey: Crawshaw Academy tree removal plans axed

The affected trees on the boundary of Crawshaw Academy, Pudsey. Photo: Google

Protected mature trees on the southern boundary of Crawshaw Academy in Pudsey should not be cut down and replaced with younger trees, council planners have decided.

Red Kite Learning Trust, which runs Crawshaw Academy had submitted a planning application to remove 19 trees protected by a tree preservation order (TPO) at the boundary with Woodfield Terrace and Sheridan Way in Pudsey. 

In a split decision, council planners only gave permission for two of the trees to be removed, despite concerns over the impact of the trees from some local residents, including shading.

Planners said the trees are protected by a group tree preservation order that was served 70 years ago. 

A report by a council tree officer said: “The majority of trees in the group are in good overall condition and provide wider amenity value, forming part of an established landscape group. Removal of the entire group is not supported, based on the justification provided.

“However, two trees were identified on site as either being in poor condition, or with limited individual amenity value and contribution to group amenity value. Removal and replacement of these trees is supported.”

The report says the trees would not causing significant direct shading of properties and that the trees had been given preserved status before both the properties and school had been built.

The planning application from the school had stated: “There have been ongoing concerns from neighbours about these trees and the measures put in place by the school have not satisfied local residents.”

A replanting scheme had been commissioned by the school and submitted in support of the application.

The plans and council reports can be viewed in full here.

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