Pudsey council houses set for solar power boost


Around 75 council homes in Pudsey are in line to have solar power installed – and benefit from free electricity!

The council is offering to inspect the homes on the Swinnow estate and, if they are suitable, fit solar panels to the properties.

Tenants will then be able to use any electricity generated during the day, with the extra sold to the national grid.

josephine jaroszCouncillor Josie Jarosz (Labour, Pudsey) is encouraging tenants to take up the offer. She said: 

 “This is a really positive scheme – council tenants get free electricity during the day and any extra goes into the grid. So the tenant gets something, we have some more sustainable electricity production and the council gets to recoup its costs over time.

“I urge any tenants who are contacted about this scheme to grab it with both hands. Solar panels shouldn’t just be for people who own private properties, every suitable house should given the chance to make our future a little bit greener.”

 Properties eligible for this scheme are currently being contacted directly by the council.


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