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Pudsey Civic Hall future: Decision ‘in the autumn’

By John Baron

Closure-threatened Pudsey Civic Hall is set to remain open at least until the end of 2025 – but a review into the building’s long-term future is still ongoing.

Pudsey Civic Hall’s future has been uncertain after cash-strapped Leeds City Council announced last December a proposal to close the building as it struggles to balance its finances.

The venue, which was used by over 49,000 people in 2022-23, makes a ‘modest surplus’ but the council says it is consistently failing to meet income targets and is a “financial strain”. It says the building requires major investment.

In an update today, Leeds City Council confirmed Pudsey Civic Hall will now continue to accept bookings for events and activities until the end of next year. The decision ensures that a large capacity venue is available in Leeds when Morley Town Hall is closed for its scheduled 12-month refurbishment at the end of this year.

A spokesperson for Leeds City Council confirmed: “Following further discussions with stakeholders, Pudsey Civic Hall will continue to accept bookings for events and activities until the end of December 2025.

“As well as honouring all existing bookings, the venue will remain available to hire up to and including that date, while a review into the building’s long term future continues.

“This also ensures that a large capacity event venue is available in the area when Morley Town Hall is closed for its scheduled 12-month refurbishment at the end of this year.

“A decision on the long term future of Pudsey Civic Hall is expected to be made in autumn 2024. Enquiries about booking Pudsey Civic Hall can be made to:”

There has been local concern over the proposed closure.

Councillor Andrew Carter (Cons, Calverley & Farsley) said the council must now use the time for ‘proper’ promotion of the facility. He said: “The council administration still has this down for closure after December 2025, but bookings will increase due to other unavailable facilities.

“I have been assured in my briefing that a proper business plan will be put in place for the promotion of Pudsey Civic Hall. We must use this next 18 months to ensure the council properly market and promote Pudsey Civic Hall.”

Councillor Peter Carlill (Lab, Calverley & Farsley) said he had seen a full condition report on the building which shows a ‘considerable amount of work and costs’ were needed to bring Pudsey Civic Hall back up to standards.

He added: “I will continue to work with Councillor Craig Timmins (Lab, Calverley & Farsley) to discuss how we can get alternative funding for these improvements and also continue to discuss future usage and investment with alternative organisations.

“We are keen to see this building continue and be open for community use and we are keen to work with anyone who would like to keep the building available for community use.”

WLD understands the final decision on the future of the building will be taken by senior councillors sitting on the executive board in the autumn.

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