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Pudsey: Bollards could be erected to protect pavements in Lowtown

Bollards could be erected to protect pavements in Pudsey town centre, council highways chiefs have confirmed.

Proposals include erecting 35 bollards along Lowtown between Pudsey Town Hall and The Lanes.

A plan of the proposed bollards.

They will complement existing bollards and street furniture and will be focussed on areas with wider footways and particularly where existing parking restrictions are ignored. A council highways officer said:

“Where legitimate parking bays exist, no measures are proposed as there is a risk of vehicles colliding with these bollards, as well as any measure restricting the ability for vehicle doors to be opened.”

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The council is in dialogue with contractors to finalise costs and funding.

Pudsey councillors Simon and Dawn Seary and Trish Smith (Cons, Pudsey) have been pushing for the bollards to be introduced. Cllr Simon Seary said:

“We have been pushing the council highways department to install a number of bollards across the town centre to prevent vehicles from riding on the paved areas which causes damage and a trip hazard for pedestrians.”


  1. They should be looking at Littlemoor Road, outside the hairdressers, and off licence. The parking there is disgraceful!! You nearly have to walk in the road to get past the vehicles parked on the pavement.


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