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Pudsey: Bid to tackle flooding in Troydale

Work has today been carried out to tackle problems with flooding in the Troydale area of Pudsey.

Pudsey Beck breached on the bend and flooded parts of Troydale Lane during Storm Ciara in February.

simon seary pudsey
Cllr Simon Seary

Pudsey councillor Simon Seary (Conservative) has spoken to council officers about issues in the area. He said the three gullies nearest the bridge all outfall back into the beck:

“The beanie blocks on the Farnley & Wortley section of Troydale Lane were cleaned in 2018. Upon inspection just after Storm Ciara the beanie blocks were still clear,┬ábut unfortunately the holes in the kerb allowing surface water to access the linear drainage had become obstructed with leaves and detritus due to lack of sweeping.

“As the surface water had nowhere to go it cascaded down the Farnley & Wortley stretch of Troydale Lane, carrying excessive silt with it and entered and subsequently blocked one of the twin gullies at the bottom of the hill. As a result of blocking the gully the excess surface water would have continued to flow down the highway and add to the ponding down in the village.

“If the excess surface water in question had been able to enter the beanie block the channel would have taken it to the entry point in the beck below where the beck flooded, therefore removing this from the ponding occurring in Troydale as a result of the beck breaching its banks further upstream.”

Drainage clearance work being carried out on Troydale Lane in summer 2018. Photo: LCC
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Cllr Seary arranged a full closure of Troydale Lane today (Tuesday, 31 March) to allow gullies between Tong Road and the bridge to be cleaned and cleared. He added:

“Once this work has completed we will put the onus on the CNT South team to keep the Farnley and Wortley section of Troydale Lane regularly swept to stop the build-up of leaves and detritus, hindering the access to the linear drainage as I genuinely believe this exacerbated the situation during the storms.”



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