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Pudsey: Anti-Social behaviour still a concern for council

Problems with anti-social behaviour in Pudsey were discussed by councillors at the latest Outer West Community Committee meeting, writes Luke Seaborne.

The meeting heard that work is continually being done to tackle the problem, which in several cases has seen arrests made around the bus station and some residential areas.

The issue is not limited to Pudsey, however, as several incidents in Farsley and on the Heights estate in Armley have also been reported, including several occasions where police officers and PCSOs have been attacked with fireworks and other objects.

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Several councillors raised concerns that culprits were providing the authorities with false details to avoid further consequences.

They felt that proposed threats to families regarding possible loss of their council tenancy by means of a follow-up letter were often empty, as offenders either did not live in council housing or in several cases were not even from the area, coming from elsewhere to visit friends.

Cllr amanda carter
Cllr Amanda Carter

Meeting chair Councillor Amanda Carter (Cons, Calverley & Farsley) said:

“Kids that are usually good kids are being badly behaved [at the moment].”

She described a possible “carrot and stick” approach for a solution and added “there needs to be something for [these] kids to do.”

A council officer’s report to the meeting agreed and stated:

“Work is currently ongoing with a range of partners to look at enhancing youth provisions locally; to provide young people with interesting, relevant and appropriate activities to undertake.”

The committee agreed that they were pleased with the efforts and actions of the police and the anti-social behaviour team so far.

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