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Pudsey: 20mph zones welcomed by councillors

Road safety measures are set to be implemented in Pudsey to limit speed on residential roads to 20mph.

Pudsey is included as part of a city-wide scheme to reduce speeds on residential roads.

As part of the process, members of the public were asked for their views on the scheme, with only one objection – on the grounds that the signs are a ‘waste of money’ – lodged in Pudsey.

Councillors Mark Harrison and Simon Seary (Conservative, Pudsey) think this is a positive step for road safety in the ward and should help reduce accidents on residential streets.

The reduced speed limit builds on the road safety work already done by Councillors Harrison and Seary that has seen four Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) installed in the ward with funding for a further six more.

Steps are now being taken by the council to implement the 20mph zone on streets in Pudsey, particularly in the Smalewell and Waterloo areas.

Cllr Mark Harrison

Councillor Mark Harrison (Conservative, Pudsey Ward), said:

“Reducing the speed of cars saves lives for other vulnerable road users. By taking appropriate measures on our streets, we want to encourage drivers to slow down. As a constant user of the roads here in Pudsey, it is noticeable the difference a lower speed limit makes to behaviour. This isn’t about penalising motorists, we want to change actions – twenty is plenty.”

Councillor Simon Seary (Conservative, Pudsey Ward), said:

“It is right that we ask residents what they think of proposals that will directly affect them. That we only had one objection to the 20mph zone in Pudsey is witness to the way the proposal has been positively viewed by the community.”


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  1. Our street has been a 20mph zone for years. It made no difference. Yes, reduced speeds would save lives but only if the reduced speeds are enforced and they’re not.


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