Primary School Places: Hawksworth Wood may double in size


Proposals to expand expand Hawksworth Wood Primary School are likely to move a step closer to reality next Wednesday.

Members of the council’s decision-making executive board will consider increasing admission numbers at the Kirkstall school from 30 to 60 in reception from September 2017. The plans would ultimately double capacity at the school from 210 pupils to 420.

The consultation to extend the school was held earlier this year, with 61 responses received. The majority of representations were in favour of the increase.

Councillors are being asked to move onto the next stage of the process and approve the publication of a statutory notice to increase capacity at the site.

Plans will also be drawn up to expand and alter the existing school building. A report to be considered by councillors indicates that the cost could be around £4 million.

Read the report in full here.

Another consultation to expand Beecroft Primary School from a one-form entry primary school to a one-and-a-half form entry primary school has also recently taken place.

Primary schools across the city are expanding to cater for increased demand.

Executive Board members are also asked to approve the proposal to expand Bramley
(Community) Primary School by increasing its capacity from 280 pupils to 420 pupils, increasing the admission number from 40 to 60 with effect from September 2017.

Next Wednesday’s meeting will be held in Leeds Civic Hall.


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