Police warning as bogus workmen target West Leeds elderly


Police have issued a warning following two incidents of bogus workmen targeting elderly people across West Leeds.

So-called workmen are knocking on the victims’ doors and offering to carry out roofing or gardening work at the property.

One victim had her front garden dug up to create a small drive – but the work was never authorised by the elderly resident.

A police spokesperson said:

“The men did some work and left without payment, but returned soon after and dumped a skip full of soil and rubble on the drive blocking the footpath and damaging it.”

The other case saw an elderly female victim have three men knock on her door and ask if she would like garden work to be done. The occupant agreed for trees to be cut and rubbish removed.

One of the men drove the woman to the cash machine to withdraw money. She found they had dumped rubbish to the side of her garden before leaving.

The spokesperson added:

“Could you please be vigilant and NOT accept workmen on the doorstep to carry out repairs on properties. Please use reputable companies and get at least three quotes for the work.”

Suspicious incidents can be reported to the police using the 101 phone service or the on-line reporting section of the West Yorkshire Police website.






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