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Police in off-road bike crack down in Calverley Woods

A clampdown on nuisance quads and bikes in Ravenscliffe / Calverley Woods and Bunny Fields has been carried out by police following an increase in local complaints.

Two off-road bikes were located in Bunny Fields shortly after police arrived. The owners were both issued with section 59 warnings and advised to push their bikes out of the field and back home.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said:

“They were warned not to ride them and that some of our colleagues were on the other side of the woods and would be watching.

“They obviously did not believe us and as soon as they were out of sight they decided to ride back home. They soon regretted their decision when we turned up at their house, seized the bikes and reported them for driving offences.”

A quad bike a very small child as a passenger was also seized in the woods.


  1. There is hardly a time we walk along the bridleway through Calverley Woods, that we don’t see these off-road bikes churning the bridleway up. They go wherever they like through fields, the woods and along the bridleway, all illegally, and spoil the enjoyment of legitimate walkers who use this bridleway. The bikes should be seized by the police and not returned.


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