‘People like to shop local’: Meet the business ‘thriving in Armley’s community spirit’

Proud: Pete Farrell runs his business on Armley Town Street. Photo: Jess Wong

In the first in a series of articles celebrating the traders of Armley Town Street, WLD‘s Jess Wong catches up with independent trader Peter Farrell, who’s run his business on Town Street for eight years

“We look after them, and they look after us in return,” says carpet shop trader Pete Farrell about his customers.

Armley, often overshadowed by negative press surrounding Town Street, has proven to be a fantastic location for Pete’s Town Street business Tri-Flooring.

He says his business has fostered strong relationships and a loyal customer base by investing time in understanding their needs and providing quality products at reasonable prices.

“People like to shop local and they like to spend money locally,” he added.

Pete Farrell has not only built a successful business but has also actively participated in the community’s development. Living in Barnsley, he still decides to leave his charity bag in Armley and support properties work locally.

Pete also embraced the ‘community spirit’ that characterises Armley, and commends initiatives like the Armley Action Team, a group of dedicated volunteers working to rejuvenate Town Street through a series of initiatives. 

“There’s a lot of negativity going about, but it’s like anywhere, every area has got problems and got issues,” he said. “The people we deal with on a regular basis, we never have any problems with at all.

“I’ve got no bad words to say about the place. A lot of people do have, wrongly in my opinion. But in eight years I’ve not had a peep, I’ve never had any issues.”

His business primarily relies on word-of-mouth and the support of its customers.

One unique aspect of Tri Flooring’s strategy is their exclusive discounts for followers of the Armley Good Stuff Facebook page. By offering these promotions only to residents of Armley, the business reinforces its commitment to the local community and encourages residents to support their neighbours.

As Pete looks back on his journey, he expresses nothing but appreciation for Armley. While others may harbour negative opinions, he firmly believes that Armley is a place of untapped potential and genuine community spirit.


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