“People here are friendly and I have never experienced anything bad” – chip shop owner on life in Armley

'Nio regrets': Kamal Jeet Singh runs a chippy in Armley Town Street. Photo: Jess Wong

In the second in our short series of articles putting the spotlight on traders in Armley Town Street, WLD’s Jess Wong speaks to an Indian entrepreneur running a popular – and quintessentially English – fish and chip shop…

“No regrets,” says Kamal Jeet, an entrepreneur who is proud to run his business in Armley.

Being the only fish and chips shop in Town Street, this takeaway has gained popularity among residents. Meet Kamal Jeet Singh, the proud owner of the 4.4-star shop.

Originally from India, Kamal Jeet has been living in the UK for two decades, with the last ten years spent in Armley.

His decision to move to the UK and open the shop was fueled by his desire to secure a bright future for his children, particularly in terms of education.

Despite his success, Kamal Jeet has no plans to open another shop. His focus remains on providing his children with opportunities for their futures. With three children in different stages of their academic journeys, Kamal Jeet is committed to supporting their ambitions. 

Reflecting on his decision to come to the UK and Armley, he expressed firmly: “No regrets.”

“I am grateful for the opportunities my family has found here and I am determined to give back to society. In addition to running my shop, I also support charitable initiatives in India, such as sending funds to support young children with their education.”

As a long-time resident of Armley, Kamal Jeet has forged deep connections with the local businesses and is hoping to witness the positive transformation of Town Street.

“People here are friendly and I have never experienced anything bad,” he added. His close friendship with Andy Parnham, a local councillor, has allowed them to share a unified vision for the community.

As Armley’s only fish and chips shop, Kamal Jeet’s establishment has become a hub for locals. It symbolises the aspirations and dreams of a determined father, striving to secure a bright future for his children while also making a positive impact on his community and beyond.


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