‘Overbearing’ 5G mast refused planning near Stanningley Fire Station

swinnow lane stanningley fire station
The mast would have been erected next to Stanningley Fire Station. photo: Google

Plans for a 20m-high mobile phone mast next to Stanningley Fire Station have been refused by Leeds City Council planners.

CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd wanted to put up the mast on Swinnow Lane to provide 5G coverage in and around Swinnow Lane, Stanningley Road, Vermont Street and the Ring Road.

But planners said the proposals would be ‘incongruous and visually overbearing’ to nearby householders. A report refusing the application concluded:

“The mast and associated equipment would be sited on a narrow footpath to the detriment of pedestrian safety and in an area where the residential context begins to form, breaking the light industrial themes south of the site.”

Planners also said the mast would reduce the width a footway that is already of sub-standard width. They concluded:

“This would mean that pedestrians using this route could be required to step out onto the road given the introduction of reduced two-way passing, which would likely result in safety conflicts between pedestrians and motorist.”


  1. If trees are planted along the pathside of the mast i don’t see why not it’s put where it’s been suggested. Have those who have refused it given an alternative?

    • Wired connections. Check out Scientists for Wired Tech. There is no need to absorb these high levels of microwaves, especially when fibre is so fast. Even an Android phone etc can take an Ethernet connection for superfast connections at home, download your UHD movie (and whatever else the AI recommends for your day), within a few seconds and take it out with you. 3G is easily good enough for short video clips, using apps etc while out and about, especially given the new “beam forming” (phased array) technology.

      Brussels have halted the 5G rollout within their own city due to safely concerns. I also note that the very wealthiest areas of Leeds and Bradford remain largely 5G free. What do those residents know that we don’t?


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