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Outer West: Council funds could tackle speeding and anti-social behaviour

Councillors in ‘outer’ west Leeds are being asked to fund a programme of action to tackle speeding on roads and anti-social behaviour in communities.

Members of the Outer West Community Committee will debate a number of grant applications at their meeting at Leeds Civic Hall on 12 June.

West Yorkshire Police have asked for £4,950 to address increased issues of speeding, dangerous driving, anti social driving and anti-social behaviour by young people. Police would work with councillors to target issues such as burglars targeting elderly residents.

And £11,000 could be spent on 11 CCTV cameras in the following public spaces:

  • Farnley and Wortley (Butterbowl and Cross Lane)
  • Farsley
  • Lidget Hill Car Park, Pudsey
  • Pudsey (Lowtown, Lidget Hill and Pusdey Chapeltown)
  • Pudsey Park.

Farsley Festival has also applied for £4,000 towards the annual event, which this year is being held in Hainsworth Park on Saturday, 22 June.

Following May’s local elections the committee will have a new chair in Cllr Mark Sewards (Lab, Farnley & Wortley).

The Outer West Community Committee is made up of nine councillors from three wards: Calverley & Farsley, Farnley & Wortley and Pudsey. It is made up five Labour, three Conservative and one independent councillor.

The meeting starts at 6pm at Leeds Civic Hall on Wednesday, June 12 and members of the public can attend. The agenda and reports can be read in full here.

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