Opposition grows to Armley Heron Foods alcohol licence application

Armley Town Street
Problems: Armley Town Street. Photo: Lilly Marchesi

Opposition is growing to the latest alcohol licence application in Armley Town Street.

Heron Foods has applied to Leeds City Council to sell alcohol during their normal opening times seven days a week.

But the application has been met with opposition from Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves and Armley councillors Alison Lowe, James McKenna and Alice Smart.

alice smart armley
Cllr Alice Smart

In her objection comment, Cllr Smart said Town Street has a longstanding problem with street drinking and anti-social behaviour which is made worse by the high volume of licensed premises in the area. She added:

“Controlling the number of off licences in the area is essential to making Town Street a place where local people can enjoy their community and feel safe. Having yet another licensed premises on Armley Town Street would only exacerbate these serious challenges.”

Armley Town Street is covered by a licensing law which makes it harder for new off licences to be approved. The cumulative impact policy (CIP) was introduced to help tackle problems with street drinking and anti-social behaviour in the area.

Heron Foods’application can be viewed in full and commented upon here.


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  1. The Cumulative Impact Policy is clearly flawed. Why should elected members and local people have to keep on fending off application after application after application? The policy should be amended to a complete moratorium on any further licences for at least five years or at worst a one out one in policy so that licences are capped at the existing number with no new applications considered unless one of the existing licences is relinquished (by a shop ceasing trading for instance). It isn’t rocket science and the government should act to amend the policy straight away!


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