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New signs could deter parking outside West Leeds schools

A grant of more than £3,000 will help a project to reduce the number of cars parking outside schools in parts of West Leeds.

The Outer West Community Committee has agreed to fund the purchase of School Parking Signs to help reduce the number of vehicles parking outside schools, which they hope will help to keep children safer and ease congestion on local roads. 

The ‘Kiddie Shaped’ and ‘Child Friendly Police Officer’ signs, produced by a local company, are designed in a number of formats with the option to include a lollipop message stick.

The most popular messages include, ‘take care – children crossing’, ‘don’t block the pavement’, ‘think before your park’ and ‘show you care, park elsewhere’.

It is hoped the signs will help reduce speed, cut down on illegal parking and make drivers aware that there are lots of children in the area.

Cllr amanda carter
Cllr Amanda Carter

Outer West Area Committee chair Councillor Amanda Carter (Cons, Calverley & Farsley) said: 

“Schools can often be hot spots for parking and the roads are often busy with families collecting their children, so it’s really important that we make roads as safe as possible during the school run.”

The committee, which met at Pudsey Town Hall, covers Calverley & Farsley, Farnley & Wortley and Pudsey wards. 

Community Committees hold at least four public meetings a year, where ward councillors make decisions about services and priorities for the local area.


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