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New Pudsey Station ticket office set to close

New Pudsey Station’s ticket office could shut permanently as part plans for a mass closure across England.

Industry body the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) unveiled proposals yesterday (Wednesday) which could lead to nearly all offices being shut, with facilities only remaining open at the busiest main stations, like Leeds.

It comes after Transport Secretary Mark Harper wrote to train operators asking them to cut costs.

The ticket office at Horsforth Station is also earmarked for closure, and a public consultation launched.

Posters have gone up in stations, inviting the public to take part in the consultation, after which the government will make the final decision on which offices will close.

Currently around three out of every five stations has a ticket office, although some are only staffed part time.

“The ways our customers buy tickets has changed and it’s time for the railway to change with them,” said Jacqueline Starr chief executive of the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), which represents train companies. She said the changes would be phased in gradually.

Only 12% of tickets were sold at ticket offices last year, she said, with the rest bought online or from vending machines.

Under the plans, if a passenger was unable to buy a ticket, they would be able to buy one during the journey, at a ticket office en-route or at their destination, the RDG said.

The closure programme is expected to last for three years.

The move has been opposed by disability campaigners Transport for All, who are concerned about accessibility. There are also concerns about older and vulnerable people.

Users on social media gave a mixed reaction.

“This is a short-sighted plan that will affect many rail users at a time when we need to be encouraging train use,” said Darren Parkinson.

Journalist Simon Calder tweeted: “The biggest upheaval in a generation: closing almost all England’s station ticket offices Disability campaigners: “Ticket office staff are a crucial accessibility feature” Rail firms: “Staff will transition to multi-skilled customer ambassador roles”.”

People can have their say here.


  1. Anything else the government can take away while they’re busying themselves paying taxpayers money to look after nearly 100,000 illegal immigrants

      • Network Rail are owned by the government, as are Northern via the OLR after Arriva were stripped of the franchise a few years ago. Therefore millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money is being thrown down the drain every day due to the unions refusal to modernise how the railways are operated.

  2. Apart from the fact that this will lead to JOB LOSSES.We have talks in parliament about making public transport safer for women,this particular station office serves staff from the Owlcotes Asda/M&S/B&M who work shifts.Also staff assist disabled and elderly passengers.This is just another way for this government to dismantle the railway and line the pockets of the rich before being voted out at the next election due to their total disregard for the safety and well-being of the British public.

    • No, this is a way to stop those of us who aren’t stuck in the 18th century from paying to have staff sat behind a glass desk twiddling their thumbs bored because we all buy tickets on the Northern mobile app. I was in Leeds station the other day and watched the ticket office for about 10 minutes – five members of staff sat behind the glass and not one single customer served in that time. If the last few passengers stuck in last century want to keep the station staffed full time to buy tickets from a human in cash then they should pay for it in higher ticket prices for them.

  3. If this helps to keep rail fares down this can only be a good thing. There are other Leeds stations that manage without ticket offices so i cannot see there being a problem here.

  4. Once again it is not all about revenue,it is about providing a service and giving piece of mind to people who have different needs when trying to travel indipendantly and making them feel safe.Not everyone is able-bodied and tech savvy and need reassurance when travelling.ONCE AGAIN THERE WILL ALSO BE JOB LOSSES.I repeat stop being selfish and think of the needs of others.

    • Once again having staff hidden behind a glass desk is not providing a service or giving piece of mind to anyone. The proposals are simply asking the existing staff to come out from behind the glass, go help the passengers onto the right train and support the guards making sure everyone can board safely during peak times. There has been NO MENTION of any job losses in the proposals so please quit making up rubbish like a spoiled union crybaby. Bramley station manages perfectly fine unstaffed.

  5. Excellent news, when will the eye watering ticket prices be reduced to reflect the changes?

    Self driving trains next on the passenger wishlist please. How hard can it possibly be for a train to fetch its position from GPS/sensors embedded in the track and accelerate or brake depending on its position and route.

  6. Seeing as how the first letters have gone out (next step voluntary redundancy notice or worse.)Also common sense dictates that only so many people can be despatched on to the few concourses that will remain open.Also if taking passenger safety serious is being a spoiled union baby(I am retired by the way)I will take that cheap jibe.Also check safety related incidents at Bramley All the best to everyone whatever their views on this subject I’m going on holiday.


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