New Outer Ring Road footbridge plans submitted to council

An artist's graphic of the proposed design.

By John Baron

Plans for a new foot and cycling bridge over the Outer Ring Ring to improve links between Calverley, Rodley and Farsley have been submitted to the council for approval.

The bridge, part of the £23 million Connecting West Leeds project between Horsforth and Pudsey, would be sited at the junction between Calverley Lane and the A6120 Leeds Outer Ring Road.

The bridge will be accessed via a spiral ramp on each side provide easy access for people walking, wheeling and cycling.

On the western side, the ramp will provide a connection with the existing footway and carriageway on Calverley Lane. On the eastern side, the ramp will join with a proposed new route proposed along the side of the ring road as part of the Connecting West Leeds project.

A planning statement submitted with the application noted the ‘high number of speed-related collisions’ at the location.

It added: “The bridge will play a key role in addressing health inequalities by restoring a significant and historic connection for people walking, wheeling, and cycling between the communities of Calverley and Farsley, which was severed in the 1970s when the A6120 Leeds Outer Ring Road was built.

“It is anticipated the proposed development will result in increased active travel in the area, not only in making new connections between communities, but in tying in with existing active travel and health opportunities, with better health outcomes, reductions to congestion and local air quality improvements.”

Pudsey Conservative MP Stuart Andrew and West Yorkshire Mayor Tracy Brabin have both voiced their support for the scheme. Around £20m for the scheme was provided by the Government.

The plans can be viewed in full here.

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    1. That looks like the designer dropped a piece of spaghetti on a map while eating lunch and thought “genius, that’s the design we need!”.

    2. There’s no doubt a footbridge is needed here, but the artists graphic shows a further issue at this location which needs addressing whilst they’re at it. It is still far too easy for motorists to turn right, on and off the ring road at the Calverley Lane junctions, a dangerous manouvre especially liked by taxis and delivery drivers. The same thing happens at the Priesthorpe Road junctions further up. The ideal solution would be a centre reservation but I cant see that happening.

    3. When the Ring Road between Beeston and Swinnow was made into dual carriageway in early 80s they were supposed to be continuing from Dawsons Corner onwards to Horsforth and beyond. Never happened and now never will. ( By the way, the Ring Road was there LONG before the 1970s)

    4. Waste of money
      This is proposed in an area with no local community
      23 Million for probably the odd hiker or cyclist
      Another example of so called full consultation with the people of Leeds but actually with the cycle Brigade
      Seen loads of silly ideas around Leeds causing more trouble than helping with the issues
      Prime example from armley gyratory all way up Stanningley road and ring road.
      Residents didn’t want it
      Local businesses didn’t want it
      Footfall in armley town street fallen and hurting businesses due to these changes
      And all residents of Leeds paying for these idiotic changes to suit people living outside the city
      Over the years the centre of Leeds has become out of bounds for people other than students.
      As building of more and more student accommodation seems to be more the norm these days?

    5. Agree this seems to be an expensive way to get people across a single carriageway road. Think it’s more the case of funds coming from Treasury that have to be spent on capital projects and councils throughout UK shrugging shoulders and finding stupid ways to spend it. (No more money though for Social care, childcare, schools etc)
      Councils can’t do much either to stop the seemingly crazy amount of student apartments being built with very limited planning control powers.

      • You’re right on your last point. If the council turns down an application, the applicant just appeals, it ends up going to the government inspector who inevitably passes it. So much for devolution.

    6. Agree with your comments, but with regards to your observation: “As building of more and more student accommodation seems to be more the norm these days?” I don’t believe all these new buildings are intended for ‘student accommodation’ – they are purposely being built as part of the 15 minute cities, for which the city of Leeds has been chosen.

    7. Think they could have spent £7 million on better things.
      Bramley railway station car park needs extending. At present the car park provided is a joke.


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