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New initiative aims to secure investment and breathe new life into Pudsey

A new committee made up of politicians, business leaders and residents will be formed to help attract more investment to improve Pudsey town centre.

Pudsey MP Stuart Andrew, Cllr Andrew Carter (Calverley & Farsley) and Cllr Simon Seary (Pudsey) say they will be working closely with residents to draw up plans to improve investment in Pudsey town centre and make the town a more vibrant, exciting and attractive place for residents and businesses alike.

They will also look at how some of the historical features of the town and improve the current transport layout. 

Ideas already floated includes replacing Pudsey Bus Station with a new focal point in the town centre.

As part of the initiative, they plan to put together a committee to explore funding options that may be available to facilitate this and the views and ideas of residents. Mr Andrew said:

Myself and my colleagues all strongly agree that more needs to be done to ensure its full potential is being realised.

“I am particularly keen to ensure the transport issues we face are addressed, and that we do all we can to attract more investment. Most importantly, we want to get the ideas on how this can be achieved from people who are living and working in Pudsey, and I look forward to formulating a Committee to do this.”

Councillor Seary added:

“I look forward to seeing what more we can achieve together with our constituents to build on the fantastic community spirit in Pudsey, and to make it a more pleasurable experience to visit our town and support our thriving market.

“We are also hoping to bring a focal centre point in replacing Pudsey Bus Station and enhance our leisure and recreational facilities. I very much look forward to working with my colleagues and residents on this as I know many of our residents have great ideas on how we can improve our town.”

Councillor Carter said: 

“I am very pleased to work with my colleagues and our constituents to investigate how we can both overcome this neglect and attract investment, which will in turn support our businesses and shops as we recover from COVID-19.”



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