New drive-thru restaurant proposed at Kirkstall Retail Park

The corner plot at Kirkstall Retail Park.

Plans for a new drive-thru restaurant at Kirkstall Retail Park, off Savins Mill Way, have been submitted by developers.

The retail park already houses Kirkstall Morrisons supermarket, petrol station, B&M, Matalan and Boots the Chemist.

Real estate investment trust NewRiver Retail has submitted the single storey 190 sq m plan for the disused corner plot next to Matalan, which previously had planning permission for two new retail units.

A planning statement submitted with the application states: “The scale of the building is able to facilitate take away customers, both an indoor and outdoor seating area for visitors as well as an adequately sized back of house area for staff to enable efficient service.

“The proportions of the facades have been designed to provide a contemporary style building with more glazing, and therefore light, into the newly created spaces to create a modern and pleasant environment.”

The plans can be viewed in full here.

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  1. If a drive thru should go in there then can you imagine the traffic, its already a joke down there with the amount at peak times and with the new housing development already causing problems how are we as local people meant to navigate this over congested area. This should not be granted planning permission from anyone and put back into a carpark as it was for years!!!!

  2. The installation of a drive through here is ridiculous. This site is congested at the best of times with cars traveling to and from Kirkstall Road to both retail parks and 5o move across the city from North to South. There are few points to cross the river and canal in this area and both retail parks have made this worse. Add to the fact that the surrounding local roads are constantly jammed. And many accidents occurred on the traffic lights. There should never have been one way in and out of the Morrisons site. I have lived both sides of this area and it can be a nightmare. NO drive through planning permission should be given.

  3. I could never understand why this land ceased to be a car park. Having lived in the Kirkstall area for over 50 years I think a drive through would be a mistake, the junctions and roads surrounding are already congested with numerous sets of lights. On-going building in the area will also increase the traffic volume, a high price to pay for a burger!

  4. Oh no. More traffic pollution and congestion for us residents. My lungs are deteriorating with asthma ongoing. For the sake of our health scrap the plans. The new housing development will add to the nightmare of headstress for road users.

  5. How does nobody in the city know that traffic is only ever going to get worse. More people = more traffic. I’m all up for new restaurants as a kirkstall resident. Traffic is going to get worse that’s a fact. Get used to it.

  6. This is extremely inconsiderate and a terrible idea. Not only will it cause additional congestion as mentioned by everyone already, local people will have to put up with even more litter and the water ways around here are already full of litter, people drive through in their massive cars and throw the packaging out the window because they don’t care. It’s really sad and is obviously being done for profit and not considering what people want around here. Really sad and angry to see this.

    How many retail parks and takeaways do we need around here?! Promote something that isn’t bad for people, do something nice for a change and make the space somewhere for people to meet or just anything other than another trashy food outlet. Stop trashing this area.


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