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New base opens to support Pudsey Community Project’s vital work

An organisation providing community, youth/children and poverty resources for Pudsey and the immediate surrounding area has moved into a new base in the town.

Pudsey Community Project has been co-ordinating support for the Pudsey community to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Its new base from tomorrow (Monday) is the building formerly known as Fartown Christian Fellowship, which is just 400 yards away from Pudsey Parish Church where vounteers have been operating for the past 18 months. A spokesperson said:

“We are thrilled to be able to open there on Monday. The building is a perfect base for the Project and we are excited to move in 100 years after it was built! There’s a lot of work we need to do on the building over the months and years to come to enable the Project to grow, but we are good to go with where we are from Monday.”

The project will operate Pudsey Foodbank, Reduce Reuse Kids Clothes and Pudsey Jigsaw Library from the new base immediately.

Over the weeks to come the project will be opening Pudsey Community Pantry and over the next year organisers hope to have the building used as a hub for youth provision – youth clubs and a youth cafe, after school clubs, school support – as well as mental health support services, an older people’s lunch club and more.

If you want to donate food to the Project, volunteers will be open there Monday to Saturday 10am-12pm from this Monday (subject to change in the weeks to come) and from next week each Friday and Saturday 10am-4pm at Pudsey Parish Church.

If you want to donate financially to support Pudsey Community Project’s work you can do so here. E-mail for more about volunteering or business sponsorship.


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