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New 56ft-tall phone mast planned near Armley Gyratory

By David Spereall, local democracy reporter

A new 5G mast measuring 17m (56ft) high could be put up close to Armley Gyratory.

Telecoms bosses want to put up the structure on the A58 Wellington Road, on the edge of the city centre. The site technically falls within the city’s Armley ward.

CK Hutchinson Networks, who are behind the plans, claim mobile internet disruption in the area will get worse if the mast is not built.

The structure is subject to planning permission being given by Leeds City Council.

In its planning application, CK Hutchinson said: “Without this new site, the operator’s customers would continue to experience an increase in numbers of
dropped calls, buffering and (being) unable to access the internet on their handheld devices.

“They would also not be able to access the 5G network, a demand which is increasing rapidly as customers update their handheld devices to ones that are 5G compatible.

“If the 5G network is not available then the customers would not be able to utilise these handheld devices for the purposes in which they were purchased.”

The company has recently submitted a similar application for a 15m (49ft) 5G mast in Leeds city centre, next to the National Express bus terminal on Dyer Street.

Across the country, masts have drawn some criticism for their height and visual impact on communities.

CK Hutchinson said it accepted the mast would be taller than other surrounding infrastructure, such as lamposts, but added: “This is not a valid reason to conclude that it is not appropriate.”

It added: “The case for 5G is compelling as it will bring faster, more responsive and reliable connections than ever before.”

A decision on whether or not to approve the mast will be made by the council in due course.

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