Motorcyclists allowed in Kirkstall Road bus lanes permanently

A motorcyclist on the A65 bus lane. Picture courtesy Leeds City Council

By David Spereall, local democracy reporter

Motorcyclists will be allowed to use bus lanes on a major Leeds road permanently, after a pilot scheme was deemed to have been a success.

A trial on the A65 Kirkstall Road corridor, which stretches into the city centre from the west, has been ongoing since July last year.

Highways chiefs say the results of the scheme have been “encouraging”, with motorcycle use along the road having increased by almost 60 per cent.

An online city council report outlining why the rule should be made permanent said it “would give more certainty to motorcyclists and other road users” who use the A65.

It added: “The positive impacts of motorcycling as a mode of transport are the lower carbon emissions, versus the private car, and the more efficient use of road space that can lower congestion.”

The report said that there had not been “any adverse impacts on bus operations from the trial,” according to First Bus.

It also said there had been no recorded “injury collisions” involving a motorcycle on the road since the scheme started, despite concerns from members of the public.

It added: “A 59 per cent increase in motorcycling on the A65 averaged across all the count sites has been observed

“Overall whilst it is not directly possible to attribute all of the 59 per cent increase to the trial, it is an encouraging result and indicates the trial has encouraged greater levels of motorcycling on the corridor.”


  1. Firstly taxi’s were allowed to speed along these lanes, now motorcyclists. What next? Vans? Cars? Soon they will be just clogged up with traffic like other lanes. Keep them for just buses and cyclists (who need to use the nearside lane).


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