More Stanningley Bypass repair work leads to road closures

A 'speed hump' was caused due to concrete buckling in a 2017 heatwave.

Highway Maintenance are undertaking a further three weeks’ work to tackle structural problems on Stanningley Bypass.

Work will be carried out to repair or replace defective joints in the concrete base of the carriageway which have, in previous years, led to buckling in parts of the busy bypass during heatwaves.

A council spokesperson said:

“This is a continuation of the work that took place in June. The same road closure and traffic management arrangement will be taking place again on the outbound section of Stanningley Bypass.

“Outbound traffic will be diverted onto the inbound side of the carriageway to maintain traffic flows. Slip-roads at Richardshaw Lane will be closed. The dates are: Friday 13 August (night) to Sunday 5 September.

“The work is to repair / replace defective joints in the concrete base of the carriageway. This will likely continue around other school holidays this year and next. Once complete this section of the bypass can then be fully resurfaced.

“We appreciate that this may be disruptive to some road users. The timing of the work and type of traffic management have been planned to minimise any disruption as much as possible.”


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