Merry Monk Pub: Housing plans to be decided

Photo: Stuart Long

Plans to build 12 houses on the site of the now-demolished Merry Monk pub off Kirkstall Hill will be debated by Leeds councillors this week.

The proposals have been brought to the council’s south and west plans panel at the request of Kirkstall councillor Fiona Venner, who is concerned about the design, the impact on nearby busy roads and outside space provided for residents.

There have also been eight letters of objection from existing residents.

The proposals, by Armley-based Rouse Homes, are for 12 two-bedroom ‘quarter’ houses in three blocks, with 15 parking spaces.

A planning officer’s report to be considered at Thursday’s meeting in the Civic Hall says the development is ‘acceptable’ and recommends the plans be approved, despite the objections. It concludes:

“The development would deliver a bespoke form of quality housing upon a brownfield site, and the form of the development is not considered to be harmful to the character and appearance of the area, nor would it have a harmful impact on highway safety, subject to appropriate planning conditions.”

The Merry Monk pub was the subject of a community campaign to keep it open and have it listed as a community asset in 2016.


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