Mermaid Tales: Twitter reacts to Bramley Baths event


Hundreds of people have made a splash at Bramley Baths to see and hear people’s stories and memories of the Edwardian building.

mermaid tales bramley
Splashtacular! Mermaid Tales at Bramley Baths. Photo: Louise Cunningham

Combining fantasy with reality, Mermaid Tales was an aquatic adventure based on memories borrowed from Bramley swimmers, translated into a walking, talking, dancing performance and exhibition that finished with a finale routine in the pool.

Visitors on Saturday were able to roam the building to reveal the compelling human stories at its heart, told through immersive, interactive multimedia art and performance.

The event threw a new light on the hidden and public spaces in this 110-year-old building.

It is the culmination event of The Bramley Memory Aquarium project, sharing a collection of stories about the generations of people who have enjoyed the Baths over the years.

Reaction in seven tweets:

1. Well done all!

2. Magical aquatic world…

3. Performing mermaids

4. Amazing night …

5. That was fun!

6. Award for arts in pools …

7. We met at the dance hall …

What did you think of the event? Dis you meet at the Baths? Have your say in the comments below.


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