Mark’s History: River Aire rises at Rodley – in photos


Words and photos: Mark Stevenson

How does that saying go? “What a difference a day makes”. I went for a walk yesterday to get these pics. Although it was more of a ‘squelch’ than a walk.

I walked across the field of the Rodley Cricket Club, staying well clear of the cricket pitch itself. There has been a cricket pitch here since the 1930s at least. On this occasion, it was not the history that interested me but nature.

The pics are from yesterday and today with a couple from August last year and one from 2015 when the field was partly flooded. You can see how the river has risen in the last 24 hours.

The view from Rodley Cricket Club today…
… Rodley Cricket Club in 2015 when Syorm Eva caused widespread flooding.
The River Aire at Rodley yesterday.
The River Aire at Rodley today. Photo: Mark Stevenson
The Aire in Rodley today…
… and The Aire today.
The Aire last summer…
… and the Aire today.



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