Mark’s History: Pudsey killer Neil Adamson and Sunny Bank Mills attacks

Sunny Banks Mills Farsley
Venue: Farsley's Sunny Banks Mills

When the judge sentenced Neil Adamson to a minimum of 30 years imprisonment in 1970 he made it clear that he was not to expect to be released in 2000, writes Mark Stevenson.

Adamson was from Primrose Hill in Pudsey and on the night of February 15 1970 he burgled Scriven and Crossthwaites premises near Quarry Hill Flats.

Either through prior knowledge or just chancing his luck possibly on his way home Adamson decided to burgle Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley.

He first killed Ian Riley, the night watchman, near the gatehouse and as Inspector Barry Taylor was climbing over the gate Adamson shot him in the back. Adamson died in prison in 2000.


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