Mark’s History: An old burial ground next to Pudsey nursery

Baptist Church richardshaw lane
Baptist Church richardshaw lane Photo: Mark Stevenson

Sometimes when I take a picture of a building I think ‘that looks interesting’ and take the picture without really seeing what I am looking at, writes Mark Stevenson.

This old church is one of those buildings. I took these pictures three years ago, happy that I had the pictures and then just ignored them. Well, more fool me!

Built in 1827 – old Baptist church and minister’s house. Photo: Mark Stevenson

This old Baptist church and attached minister’s house on Richardshaw Lane in Pudsey is 192 years old, as they were built in 1827.

But it is not the age of the building that attracted my interest, it is the fact that the area in front of the minister’s house and the side of the church was once a burial ground.

Does anyone remember this burial ground? Or if the bodies have been moved or are they still buried there?

The graves were still there in 1950 but after that, I am not sure what happened to them.

The plaque on the front of the building reads Technico House and it is now a nursery. The building is Grade ll listed. 

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  1. Hiya! My mum used to live here with her parents and 6 siblings! I’ve searched high and low for old pictures of it and not found any! My mum was born in 1962 and the graves were there then. My nanna was the cleaner of the chapel and her husband was the caretaker! I would love to hear more about the history of it and possibly see some pictures if anyone able to find some!


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