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Major Leeds event highlights living with dementia

By Julie Badon

When the Leeds Older People’s Forum received some Zurich funding to support improving the lives of those living in Leeds with dementia, they knew they wanted to do something high profile. So their major event at Headingley Stadium in May, hosted by Andrew Edwards from Radio Leeds, was just the ticket. 

There were over 25 stalls, a community tea bar called “Rose’s Tea Bar” from Headingley, Yorkshire Dance performed, Ascendence dancers performed as did the Skyfallers band, who encouraged a community sing along. 

Alongside this a unique mural was unveiled, commissioned by the DEEP (Dementia Engagement Empowerment Project) group – depicting how people can continue to live positively whilst living with dementia.

The event was well attended, and if you wish to share your experiences of dementia as either a carer or a diagnosed person please contact Chloe on

This work will feed into the centre for dementia research, whose aim is to improve the lives for all who are affected by this disease.

John Hyde, a lived experience expert, said: “Dementia affected my sense of purpose, but being included in research has helped bring it back.” 

Get in touch and make a difference for yourself and others. 


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