Loony Bin: Former Armley joke shop gets makeover


Run-down Armley joke shop ‘Loony Bin‘ has received a splash of paint following local complaints that the site had become an eyesore.

The shop, in Upper Town Street, had fallen into disrepair after former owner – David Slater – was jailed in 2012 for abusing children.

The council, working with local group All Together Armley, has now painted over the shop sign – but has admitted more still needs to be done to improve the shop.

In a statement to The Dispatch, Armley councillor Alice Smart said:

“We’ve been working closely with Rachel Reeves MP and community action group ‘All Together Armley’ over the past few months to address some of the problems on Armley Town Street.

“‘The Loony Bin’ site is one of the main problem areas on Town Street so we are pleased that the council are making improvements to the appearance.

“Not only is the site a visual reminder of the horrendous crimes committed by its former owner but the site has become incredibly rundown and is now a visual eyesore which has had a negative impact on surrounding businesses.

“We are delighted that the council have painted over the shop sign and hope that this will provide some comfort to the local community but there is still much more to be done. We will keep the pressure on council services to pursue enforcement action to improve the overall condition of the building.”


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