Farsley Farmers’ Market: Small, friendly and it’s on Saturday!


Dispatch reader Jo Reilly sends this report about the ever-popular Farsley Farmers’ Market…

This small, friendly, Farmers’ Market at St John’s Hall could put a smile on your face.

Saturday, February 27 is ‘Taster Month’. Come and sample artisan creations from local chefs and food enthusiasts, discover artisan breads, pies, cured meats and traybakes and find purveyors of fresh fish, cheeses, coffee, honey and preserves.

You can also meet local producers of flavours from India, Germany, Crete, Hungary and Korea. And indoors take the weight off and enjoy a buttie filled with our local butcher’s bacon.

To complement the produce stalls our tabletop is looking for sellers of handmade & crafted gifts and functional items.

Find details and make contact!


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