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Looking back on Farsley Festival 2024

By Kathryn Badon

A wonderful day was had by all as the sun shone brightly at the Farsley Festival on 22 June 2024.

The park was full, with young and old alike coming together to enjoy the entertainment and the food.

In Hainsworth Park and. with a theme of “Under the Sea” there were mermaids, pirates, fishes and a rowing boat advertising the amazing Atlantic Challenge.

This is the ultimate endurance racing event in rowing, that attracts up to 40 teams from around the globe with crews ranging from solos, to five people.

The race serves as a platform for adventure, personal growth, and fundraising for various charitable causes. All must brave the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean and endure months of mental and physical hardship.

A unique experience shared between a small community of adventurers and with the World’s media watching, so a chance for charities and sponsors to reach 500+ million people across the globe.

Our own Jake Still was at the Farsley Festival and he is joining this challenge, raising money for the rivers trust. At the festival everyone had a unique opportunity to do some rowing and see what it was like to take part in such a challenge.

There was a lot of good entertainment and the final act of the day was “the millionaire pawn brokers”, who blew everyone away with their enthusiasm, energy and effervescent entertainment.

Audience participation was in full flow as they were given Cazoos to play and enabled to join the band on stage to gee up the crowd. Brilliant ending to a very special day.

A good time was had by all, and we look forward to next year’s event.


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