Letter: Armley group calls for meeting over Leeds Building Society Closure


As reported yesterday, concern is growing over Leeds Building Society’s decision to close its Armley Town Street branch. Deputy chair of local group All Together Armley, Glenn Broadbent, has issued this response to the proposals. 

All Together Armley are very disappointed to learn of the proposed closure of the Armley Branch of Leeds Building Society.

The branch offers a service to vulnerable customers who already find it difficult to access banking facilities in Armley.

Many of these customers will find it difficult to travel to even the nearest branch, which is 2.4 miles away and a £4.20 bus journey. The knock-on consequences could be devastating for many of the most isolated people in Armley.

We struggle to understand why this decision has been made in an area which is starting to turn the corner.

It would appear the Society has failed to consult with customers, the community and elected representatives before coming to its decision.

We believe Leeds Building Society should take into account local factors and the impact it’s decision could have on the wellbeing of the wider community.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with senior representatives of the Society to explore ways in which we can work to find a sustainable, forward thinking and imaginative resolution to secure a future for Leeds Building Society services in Armley.







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