Leeds West MP visits Pudsey Grammar School


Leeds West MP – and shadow chancellor – Rachel Reeves met staff and students at Pudsey Grammar School to hear about the challenges facing schools across the country.

Pudsey Grammar School has recently secured £4 million from the Department for Education for a new Sixth Form block, which is planned to open in the next academic year. The school is also a designated National Behaviour Hub and works with others to improve the culture and behaviour within their schools.  

Headteacher Mark McKelvie invited Ms Reeves to visit the school and hear about the work they are doing, the issues impacting the local community, and the challenges that schools face across the country.

“I believe that engaging with policymakers is essential to advocate for the interests of our school and its students… so I was keen to meet Rachel and talk to her about our school and various educational matters,” said Mr McKelvie.

After meeting the head teacher, Ms Reeves met with five members of the School Council, representing students at the school, where she answered a range of questions about local and national politics. Mr McKelvie said: “They asked a wide range of insightful questions which Ms Reeves answered with detail, substance and clarity.”

Ms Reeves said: “I enjoyed answering the questions the students had and was impressed by the range of questions. Pudsey Grammar School will be in the new Leeds West and Pudsey constituency where I am standing as a candidate and meeting with local stakeholders is a fantastic way to learn the needs and concerns of the people I wish to represent in Parliament.”

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  1. wonder when she is going to apologise to Tim Martin, the Head of Wetherspoons, for her totally false accusations during the pandemic. But there again, I won’t hold my breath….?


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