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Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves – Parliamentary votes and debates 19-23  September 2022

Here is a weekly update on how Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves has voted in recent parliamentary sessions and also any debates she has taken part in.

As part of the service offered by TheyWorkForYou, we receive daily summaries of voting and debate participation for the MP. These are catalogued and this weekly summary is produced in chronological order.

We’re publishing the information about the votes, as well as a link to the debate. Click on the headline for further information.

Prayers – [Mr Speaker in the Chair]: The Growth Plan – 23 Sep 2022

Thank you, Mr Speaker. I welcome the right hon. Gentleman to his place. I thank the Chancellor for his comprehensive demolition of the record of the last 12 years—their record; their failure; their vicious circle of stagnation. The Chancellor has confirmed that the costs of the energy price cap will be funded by borrowing, leaving the eye-watering windfall profits of the energy giants…


  1. As Shadow Chancellor, could you explain how you would have handled the financial constraints of the Corona virus and now the escalating costs of energy supplies and cost of living increases please? Please also explain your plans and forecast for the costs for the NHS service for cutting the waiting lists and what future additional monies you would allocate, in addition to what the present Conservative Government has allowed, for investing in the infrastructure and new hospitals. Could you also give an overall insight as to how your budget would look if Labour were in Government, especially what taxation rules you would apply?


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