Leeds West General Election candidate Ed Jones, The Yorkshire Party


Leeds West general election Yorkshire Party candidate Ed Jones answers readers’ questions ahead of the election. A full list of candidates and their responses can be found here.

1. What is your party going to do to make sure my kids have good education opportunities?

The Yorkshire Party will do what all others have failed to do – remember the people of Yorkshire.

There’s a regional disparity in funding for primary school pupils and we believe that is unacceptable, the kids of Yorkshire deserve better and we will not tolerate regional favouritism.

Furthermore, we value higher education and understand that we must improve educational opportunities for young people of all backgrounds.

2. What is your stance on the three million EU citizens living in the UK?

The three million EU citizens in the UK should have the right to stay here guaranteed immediately.

We need to appreciate the role that immigrants play as our valued friends, neighbours, and work colleagues not treat them as bargaining chips in a bad spirited EU negotiation stance.

3. What would you do to support Social Care in our area, particularly foster care, in a climate of cuts that are seeing fewer workers caring for more children?

I would advocate for local social care services and charities to be able to work as successfully as possible despite the climate of cuts and oppose cuts where possible. Furthermore, I would aim to foster an increased sense of community spirit and positivity to ensure that society’s most vulnerable are not forgotten.

4. What will you do to give young people the very best opportunities in life, to help them prepare for uncertain futures in a global world economy?

My party and I see Leeds as a place that has a positive future in the world as a competitive city that can be proud of its identity, people, and economy.

We will advocate for Yorkshire with unrivalled ambition. We will work to improve our democracy and put Yorkshire on the national agenda with our dedicated candidates and support for a devolved parliament.

5. When do candidates see austerity coming to an end and living standards and security improving?

Unfortunately, I see the Tory-led cuts continuing and the squeeze on resources and living standards for ordinary people continuing.

Because of this, a strong Yorkshire voice is essential; this is something that only the Yorkshire Party can provide.

A devolved Yorkshire parliament would allow local people to decide on how budgets should be decided and what our priorities our locally.

In 200 words or less, tell us why readers should vote for you/your party?

I am committed to Leeds West, the area in which I live, and I will listen to the local people to represent their interests in Westminster.

The Yorkshire Party offers an alternative to the mainstream parties.

When the other choices are so unappealing and divisive, we will focus on our only priority – Yorkshire – not an ideological national agenda.

You can be sure that a vote for a Yorkshire Party candidate will be in your interests and will provide a refreshing change from the same old ineffective parties.


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