Leeds local election 2024: Armley ward candidate profiles


Voters in Armley Ward will go to the polls on Thursday May 2, 2024 for the Leeds City Council elections. Voters will be electing one councillor.

Voters are reminded that photo ID is needed to vote at polling stations. More details here.

Your West Leeds Dispatch has attempted to contact all candidates asking them for a statement of up to 300 words and a head and shoulders photograph to help you decide who to vote for. Here are their responses…

Banks, Richard: Labour Party

2 Middle Cross Street, Armley, Leeds LS12 1NR

Richard Banks.

Armley is my home. It is where I was born, went to school and where I raised my family.

My name is Richard Banks and I am standing as the Labour candidate for Armley Ward in the 2024 local elections.

After leaving school I became an apprentice plumber and, as a result of my experience at work, I became involved in the trade union movement. I became a full-time union representative because I wanted to stand up for working people.

Now retired, I am standing as your councillor because I want to give back to the community that has given me so much.

I am making five pledges:

  • To support local residents and our local economy through the Conservative cost of living crisis.
  • Campaigning for better housing and holding rogue landlords accountable. I am fully behind our local Labour campaign to introduce selective landlord licensing in Armley.
  • Making our streets safer by working with the police and local groups to tackle crime, anti-social behaviour and dangerous driving,.
  • To fight for more frequent and reliable public transport to ensure our buses and rail services connect our community.  
  • Championing our community – bringing local people together and nurturing our green spaces. I am determined to clean up our streets of litter and fly tipping and make Armley a place to be proud of.

On 2 May, you have a chance to send a message to this failing Conservative government that it is time for change. Only a vote for Labour can deliver the change we need.

A vote for me is a vote for a strong, local community representative. I will work hard, all year round, to serve residents across Armley, New Wortley, Victoria Park and the Spring Valleys. I want to do you proud. Please elect me as your councillor.

Bettney, Warwick: Social Democratic Party

44 Salisbury Road, Armley LS12 2BH.

Cunningham, Lou: Green Party

8 Arksey Terrrace, Armley, LS12 2NQ.

Lou Cunningham

I am delighted to be standing as the Green candidate for Armley. Last year I came within 185 votes of being elected.

I love Armley. I have lived on the Aviaries for almost 20 years, made it my home and raised my son here. I work part-time as a nurse for the NHS and I have been an active campaigner for local communities in Armley for many years, working alongside local voluntary groups and organisations including Friends of Armley and Gott’s Park and the Armley Action Team.

Issues that matter to me, especially as a mum and a nurse, are health and social care, family and youth provision and the environment. Other areas which I feel are at the heart of community wellbeing are housing and community safety. 

I have remained active within our community on the issues which you have told me matter the most, including:

• Community Safety

• Housing

• Cleaner Neighbourhoods

• Road Safety and measures to reduce speeding 

• Protecting our green spaces

If you vote for my return as an Armley councillor,  I would be able to have a direct impact on these issues. 

I have a proven track record for making a difference in Armley and hope that you will trust me to continue the work that I have started. I promise that I will continue to be available to hear your concerns and ideas and to work with and for our community.

As a Green councillor I would be free to be a strong, independent voice for our area and to speak up and put Armley ahead of party politics on Leeds City Council.

Armley is my home and my heartland and I still have more to give.

If you would like me to be your councillor, working in the best interests of Armley for the next four years then please vote to elect me on 2 May. 

Martins, Rachel: Yorkshire Party

Address in Bradford.

Armley has the second-highest crime rate in Leeds. I support more frontline police to crackdown on anti-social behaviour, shoplifting, road offences and all crime. Tory cuts nationally and Labour’s mismanagement locally, have let Armley down.

Armley demands focused attention to improve essential services and enhance residents’ quality of life. To lower prices and rents, we need the right homes in the right places with new infrastructure – GPs, dentists, transport and schools. We need more social housing, starter homes and retirement homes. I support help for insulation and solar power for new and existing homes to help lower energy bills.

The Yorkshire Party wants to introduce a Yorkshire Travel Pass, to reduce fares across buses and trains, and end cross-border penalties and peak-time hikes. We need more bus services with better reliability. 

I also support a West Yorkshire Metro with elevated and underground sections to cut through congestion. London got Crossrail, West Yorkshire deserves a metro.

Please support me and the Yorkshire Party, to pave the way for a brighter future rooted in Yorkshire values of community, fairness, and prosperity.

Walker, Dan: Liberal Democrats

Address in Leeds.

Dan Walker, Liberal Democrat

I came to Leeds from Leicester in 1996 for University, and loved it so much I stayed. I am committed to equality, and passionate about liberty and social justice.

I want to serve on the council to improve transport, education and housing for Armley and the rest of the city. I am also keen that successful community-led projects such as the New Wortley Community Centre are supported and encouraged by the council.

On a wider level, the political system needs to take decisions nearer to the people, and proper devolution to the regions and a fairer electoral system are important elements of that. People must have some control over the decisions that affect them.

I have lived in West Leeds since 2007 and currently live in Armley. I work at the University of Leeds for the National Centre for Atmospheric Science as a computer programmer.

Westwood, Adam: Conservative Party

Address in Leeds.

Adam Westwood.

As we approach the upcoming local elections, I’m humbled by the opportunity to represent you as the Conservative candidate for Armley. Having been part of Leeds since 2018 and having worked within Armley, I’ve witnessed firsthand the untapped potential and the pressing needs of our community.

I stand before you with a sincere commitment to serving your best interests and ensuring that Armley flourishes under responsible governance. The decision to run to represent you stems from my deep belief in our community’s resilience and the boundless opportunities that lie ahead.

It’s imperative to acknowledge the challenges we face, particularly in the wake of seven Labour-run councils across the country declaring bankruptcy since 2017. This is a stark reminder of the importance of sound fiscal management and effective leadership at the local level. Conservative-run councils have consistently demonstrated their ability to deliver essential services while keeping council tax down, ultimately easing the burden on hardworking residents like yourselves.

As your representative, I pledge to prioritise three key areas:

  • Cleaner and safer Armley: Implementing proactive measures to enhance cleanliness and safety in our neighborhoods, ensuring that every resident feels secure and proud to call Armley home.
  • Regeneration and redevelopment: Spearheading initiatives to revitalise our community, breathe new life into neglected areas, and create vibrant spaces where families can thrive.
  • Investment to bring in local jobs: Championing policies that attract investment, foster entrepreneurship, and pave the way for sustainable economic growth, thus creating more opportunities for local employment.

I urge you to consider the track record of responsible governance and the vision for a brighter future that the Conservative Party represents. Your vote on May 2 will shape the trajectory of our community for years to come, and I am dedicated to earning your trust and delivering results for Armley.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to serving you with integrity, diligence, and a steadfast commitment. 


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