Leeds Local Election 2018: Armley result

4 May 2018

Labour comfortably held Armley Ward in the Leeds City Council local elections.

Alison Lowe, James McKenna and Alice Smart all held their seats in the Labour safe seat.


Andrea Kay Binns (Green) – 732
Rob Hooper (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts) – 175
Gideon Matthew William Jones (Green) – 545
Matthew James Leech (Con) – 657
Alison Natalie Kay Lowe (Lab) – 2,447
James Mckenna (Lab) – 2,632
James EdWard Miller (The For Britain Movement) – 261
Robert Raymond Murphy-Fell (Con) – 522
Alice Ellen Schofield Smart – 2,747 (Lab)
Nicola Louise Tinsley (Con) – 565
Dan Walker (Lib Dem) – 387
John Withill (Democrats and Veterans) – 184

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danny bailey says:

why so many people vote for labour, an anti-Semitic, therefore racist party baffles me

Bill evans says:

Well done to all labour councillors rewards for hard work

S gil says:

Peo0le who rely on free money vote Labour. Not difficult to understand.