Latest round of Kirkstall Valley eco grants opens today

kirkstall valley farm burley
Grants: Kirkstall Valley.

Ideas that improve the environment the environment and quality of life for everybody in the Kirkstall Valley could benefit from a £250 micro-grant.

Kirkstall Valley Grants supports projects from the Armley, Burley, Kirkstall, Rodley and Horsforth areas

Previous projects have included hedgehog home workshops, creating edible beds and planting fruit trees with neighbours.

Kirkstall Valley Grants have funded 11 different projects that have improved the environment and well-being in the Kirkstall Valley.

More details about the grants and how to apply can be found here.

Open Source Arts (OSA) is the organisation behind the grants scheme. They are giving out the grants to support forward-thinking solutions to reduce carbon emissions in the Kirkstall Valley which, in turn, support community and sustainability.

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