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Late-night cuts to 760 bus announced

The 760 bus – which runs along Kirkstall Road into Kirkstall and then Calverley – will have some of its late night services cut, as part of a reorganisation of some bus services across the city.

The 760, which runs from service will be renumbered from 760 to 60 from July 22. Service alterations also include:

  • Monday to Thursday the 10.10pm journey from Keighley will be withdrawn
  • Monday to Thursday 11.40pm journey from Leeds will be withdrawn
  • Sunday 9.10pm and 10.10pm journeys from Keighley will be withdrawn
  • Sunday 10.40pm and 11.40pm journeys from Leeds will be withdrawn

Check out the 760 bus timetable here.

First Leeds, meanwhile, have announced that due to the construction of speed tables the 9, 16 and 16A will divert via the Ring Road and Rodley Lane on 18 June.






  1. For reorganisation read old-fashioned cuts!! In the evenings and on Sundays, the 760 is the only bus serving Calverley. With these cuts it seems that neighbourhoods like ours are destined to become further socially disconnected from other communities and from the city centre. On Sundays, our last bus from Leeds will now be 2 hours earlier at 9.40pm. Pathetic if we want a Sunday evening out anywhere on the 760 route (e.g. Kirkstall, Rodley or Shipley) or if we need a late bus after a day out further afield.

    I thought there was going to be a £173.5m injection to improve connections between communities. Taxi firms will be rubbing their hands in glee.


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