Watch: The ‘abysmal’ Kirkstall Road cycling lane with bus stop in middle


Cyclists have raised concerns about the safety of a new cycle lane on Kirkstall Road – after a bus stop was placed in the middle of it.

Leeds City Council has this year spent £245,000 in improving the A65 Kirkstall Road, between Woodside View and Weaver Street.

The 850m stretch of road saw 59 people injured in reported collisions between January 2011 and January 2016, with 32 of those incidents involving cyclists.

Cyclist Graham Smith Tweeted his frustration yesterday, saying:

“It was a good idea to protect cyclists from the rat-runners that emerge from all the side streets. However the execution is poor.”

Fellow cyclist @euridyice added:

“Cambridge with its ‘floating’ bus-stops shows what can be done to promote safer cycling.”

@lufcsahb added:

“As a pedestrian I was nearly run over by a car. That cycle lane and markings are dangerous for all users.”

Leeds City Council has said it will look into the issue.

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  1. I nearly got wiped out there this morning as I had to join the road to avoid the bus passengers on the pavement. The cars didn’t want to let me out, and none of the pedestrians would move. This is so dangerous and ridiculous.


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