Kirkstall: Junior rugby club launches boot bank scheme


A junior rugby league club in Kirkstall is supporting youngsters who may not have boots to play rugby.

Milford Rugby Club is launching the Milford Boot Bank Scheme, where people can donate children’s rugby boots when they grow out of them, and they can then be passed on to children who need them.

Posting on Facebook, the club said:

“We understand that the last 12 months have been tough for all kinds of reasons. Here at Milford we don’t want kids to miss out on playing rugby league because they don’t have a pair of boots.

“The idea is that when someone grows out of a pair of boots or no longer requires them, they donate them to the club.

“If a coach of one of our junior age groups identifies that a player doesn’t have suitable footwear then they can reach out to Kieran Webster or Steve Bacon.

“If any of our players are in need of boots then please do get in touch so that we can help you source a suitable pair. If you don’t have any boots to donate but wish to help one of our players out then please get in touch to discuss other ways to support.”

The club is based in Beecroft Street. Its Facebook page can be found here.


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